There are a lot of great groups within the club.  Here are their descriptions...

Children's Playgroups

Are you interested in connecting with families with children in a similar age group? Bring your little one and join one of our Children’s Playgroups.  Groups meet regularly, except during the summer. 


Children's Programs

Parents and their children are welcome to join CNSC as we celebrate various seasonal and holidays events throughout the year. Our energy-charged festivities include Fall Hayride, Pumpkin Picking, Halloween Party, Winter Holiday Movie, Easter Egg Hunt, art lessons, Family Picnic and structured play activities.



The CNSC Socials Committee like to mix it up! With the Holiday Parties, Wine Tastings, Kentucky Derby Party and Back to School Kegger…we have something for everyone! Our goal is to create an atmosphere that is fun and inviting for adults only…perfect for you to walk in and meet neighborhood friends! Mark your calendar and come join us for a fun-filled evening out!

Date Night Out

Looking for the perfect date night out with your partner?  Join us to experience different couples events like bowling, golf, tennis, bars, restaurants and more!

A, B, C, D Book Club

Do you like Appetizers, Books, Cocktails & Desserts? Then join us for our second year of the ABCD Book Club! No time you say? This is a no pressure book club where most of the evening is spent socializing. The books are quick reads and our informal discussions even appeal to those that didn't get a chance to read the book. So stop making excuses, sign up and download the next book!

Ladies Night Out

LNO…need we say more?? We all deserve a much needed quick break from the laundry and the dirty dishes! Hire that sitter or bribe your spouse to come home early to watch the little ones! Escape the madness of work/life balance with CNSC…it might be gourmet cooking, mani-pedi night, climbing an area rock wall, riding a mechanical bull or shopping at the mall complete with a makeover. Trust us, you will be relaxed when you go back home after an evening with LNO!