2019-2020 Board Members


Chatham Newcomers and Social Club is always looking for volunteers to serve on the Board.  If you are interested in volunteering, please email chathamnewcomersmembership@gmail.com


Co-Presidents - Rebecca Barber & Lisa Matheson

Vice President - Cindy Lee

Secretary - Stephanie Colleton

Treasurer - Sarah Dodge: chathamnewcomerstreasurer@gmail.com

Mary-Alice Guralchuk

Shauna Botlo

Emily Engel Pesso

Jalyn Amore

Sandra Popova

Children's Programs

Erin Richards

Beth Patel

Danielle Prevete

Children's Play Groups

Head of Playgroups: Cindy Lee

0-12 Months - Britt Ryan

12-24 Months - Amy Tempke

24-36 Months - Li Marone

Working Moms - Jamie Swanson & Michaela Kuntz

Ladies Night Out

Ella Shuster

Michelle Kean

Jessica Appicelli

Bridget Shanley

Jennifer Kelleher

Danielle Prevete

Men's Events

Alex Chaykin

Public Relations
& Book Club 
Date Night Out

Susan Ross

Katie Reed

Alex Chaykin

PR & Communications - Ella Shuster

Social Media - Tiffany Levato

Website Administrator- Kristin Shannon


Book Club- Rakhee Sheth

Welcome Wagon

Shannon Newman

Ella Shuster

Ginny Dorflinger​

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